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It's time to feel aliveness in your body and your relationships.

I have the tools to do more than talk about it.

We heal intimacy issues and learn intimacy and arousal skills with actual conscious moments of connection and turn-on.

That's why you and I together will try out various emotional and erotic-energy sharing exercises so you get new experiences in a safely contained way.

You will gain embodied knowledge ("known from the body" or by what the body has done) from the interactive work we do—as opposed to trying to absorb from more passive homework, or from simply talking about the issues or goals—leaving you feeling more self-trusting and confident in your relationship choices and desire fulfillment.


Feeling a brave 'yes' to exploring coaching?

Whether you're looking for coaching, just curious about my work or reaching out for collaboration opportunities, drop me a note!

Thanks! Your curiosity delights me.

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