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Who am I?

I am a Certified Somatica Intimacy, Sex & Relationship Coach in Bay Area, California. My passion is deeply connecting with others as a means to reflect, heal, and generate more love.


I have faced my own sexual shame and intimacy anxiety, found self-compassion, and grown to lean on the resources and support around me.

I believe that people can do incredible things – and open themselves up to the relationships and sexual experiences they truly desire. All it takes is courage and a willingness to reach out. I deeply attune to my clients and create a comforting place for them to be heard and seen, and explore vulnerably. I help my clients find emotional and erotic empowerment and release sexual and relationship shame so they can become their most centered and confident selves.


Graduating in Gender & Women’s Studies from The University of Arizona, I acted as the Director for Feminist Engagement there. I focused on peer education for sexual assault prevention, awareness, and healthy relationships empowerment for Sororities, Fraternities and first-year students.


I feel a special affinity for helping the current generation navigate hookup culture, with its inherent anxieties and communication challenges, as well as those struggling to discover what they want, who they are as sexual beings and how to 'do' relationship so that it feels aligned and meaningful.

Let's show up just as ourselves, and practice—both healing and sexy—tools to give you embodied wisdom to support your relationships and erotic journey.

I can’t wait to help you honor your turn-ons without shame (the very thing I needed) so you can step into your power, use your creative erotic energy, experience more connection and transform yourself and your relationships.

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